Are We Right For You?

Selecting the right health care support for your relative, client, or patient is a challenging prospect. In order to determine which of our services match your needs, we have listed some concerns that have previously motivated people to engage our services.

Family Members Who Contact NNC Are Concerned About:

  • A relative who takes many medications.
  • The burden born by an elderly parent caring for the other parent.
  • A fragile relative or friend who lives where there is no other family.
They may want to arrange for:
  • a Registered Nurse to monitor a relative's care during or after a hospitalization for surgery or illness.
  • a Registered Nurse to monitor recovery at home after Medicare and/or private insurance benefits no longer cover home care.
  • appropriate moving and placement options
  • A nurse to respond should a relative become ill – even at 3 a.m.
  • an in-home assessment related to health and safety.
  • Better communication with those caring for a relative.
  • Brief health checkup to help folks stay well and stay home.
  • In-home foot care.
  • Daily phone calls when those who oversee care are away.


Attorneys And Trust Officers Who Contact NNC:

  • Are concerned about continuity of care for clients with no family, family that lives hours away or travels frequently.
  • Seek comprehensive, continuing, professional, yet personal, service for clients entrusted to their care.
  • Prefer to work with a single, primary care Registered Nurse as opposed to various staff members at a nursing home, assisted living facility or group home.
  • Appreciate the reduction in unpaid time spent on clients' health care needs.


Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses Who Contact NNC:

  • Have a patient with a chronic illness or memory loss who has no family or whose family lives out of town or travels frequently.
  • Have a patient who is isolated or not tracking well or unintentionally losing weight.
  • Have a patient whose spouse or volunteer caregiver network has become inadequate or too exhausted to manage the burdens associated with complex medical regimes.
  • Seek regular, reliable updates from a primary-care RN between office visits about the prescribed plan of care.
  • Want an ongoing in-home assessment of a patient's response to a new medication or treatment.



Discharge Planners And Pastors Who Contact NNC:

  • Are concerned about a client or church member's ability to care for themselves.
  • Worry that the patchwork caregiver arrangement of family and community friends no longer provides needed continuity of care.
  • Worry that a complex health care challenge may be more than an individual or couple can safely handle at home.
  • Want a comprehensive safety assessment of the home environment of an individual or couple who have suffered a health or social loss.
  • Want to be sure that community resources are used to fullest advantage before resorting to institutional placement.
  • Are concerned about continuity of care for an individual being seen by several specialists.
  • Want to be sure that rehabilitation continues after Medicare and/or private insurance benefits end.


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